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A mother and doctor who was in coma for the past 15 years died yesterday in hospital

Sharjah: 15 years after slipping into a coma following delivery of twins, Dr Reem Thabit passed away yesterday loosing her battel fighting for her life.

Dr Reem the 42 years old who remains bedridden, completely dependent upon her mother in their family home in Sharjah and she has not seen her children in years died yesterday at Al Kuwaiti hospital in Sharjah.

Her mother Zakiya Khalid a retired teacher (Umm Ramzi) or Umm Reem as every body call her was still hoping that one day her the twins will some day return to their mother, who could finally embrace them, sadly that will not be happening.

The twins, Gassan and Bisan, have lived with their father’s relatives in Palestine and haven't seen their mother for so many years, the mother died having not seen or heard about them for almost 15 years.

Reem was deemed to have suffered severe brain damage after her 2006 delivery due to complications stemming from a Caesarian section, she was 27 years old only. A reported delay in treatment and lack of proper equipment were contributing factors in Reem’s paralysis and coma.

Before calamity struck Reem — leaving her in a coma — she was an outstanding student, graduating near the top of her class in her pursuit to become a doctor, testimony to a brilliant mind and a will to succeed.

“We have been living in the UAE since 1969 and all my eight children were born here. It was our dream that Reem would be a doctor one day, but her life has been taken away from her,” said the mother sobbing.

Um Ramzi said that her daughter was admitted to hospital before one month due to complications in her tube that feed her.

after a month in hospital doctors said that she is kept on breathing in hospital and she will never recover.

"Her husband yesterday morning signed a document in hospital to give doctors the right to do what is good for Reem," she added.

"Doctors stop the breathing machine yesterday, she passed away at 11 pm."

Um Ramzi said the hospital contacted her saying that Reem died.

"She will be burred today," said Um Ramzi.

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