• Bassma Al Jandaly, Editor In Chief

A policeman refuses a two million dirham bribe from a drug suspect in exchange for his release

The Public Prosecution revealed before the Dubai Criminal Court, a sergeant in the General Department of Drug Control in Dubai Police refused a bribe of two million dirhams from an Asian visitor in exchange for his release and the closing of the evidence-gathering file regarding his involvement in drug promotion, according to Al Bayan newspaper.

The Public Prosecution referred the visitor today to the Judicial Authority of the Criminal Court, on charges of offering a bribe of two million dirhams to a sergeant from the General Department for Drug Control in the Dubai Police in exchange for breaching his functional powers.

The sergeant testified in the prosecution's investigations that while he was collecting inferences from the accused about the incidents of promoting narcotic substance in the presence of his police colleague, he was surprised by the accused when he offered him a bribe in exchange for his release.

The sergeant added that he played along went with the accused with the matter, and deluded him with his consent, and asked him about the method of transferring the amount, the accused informed him that he would transfer it to his account after asking someone from his home country to deposit the amount in his account. However, the sergeant asked him for a time to think in order to delude him of the idea of ​​approval, he was placed in detention, based on a decision from the Director of the Drug Enforcement Administration, until the Public Prosecution took measures against him, and the police control continued to follow the procedures for seizing drugs.

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