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Abdullah bin Bayyah highlights role of followers of Abrahamic religions in promoting peace

ABU DHABI -- Sheikh Abdullah bin Bayyah, President of the Forum for Promoting Peace in Muslim Communities and Chairman of the UAE Fatwa Council, has highlighted the key role of the followers of Abrahamic religions in promoting the values of peace around the world, adding that they share traditional values and ethics that represent the foundations of peace and coexistence.

He made this statement during his participation in the virtual global conference, entitled, "The Role of the Abrahamic Family in Strengthening Peace in Muslim Communities," upon an invitation from Jakob Tobing, Chairman of the Leimena Institute. The event was held under the patronage of Fakhr Al Razi, Minister of Religious Affairs of Indonesia.

"The Forum for Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies was launched for the same purpose in Abu Dhabi, in cooperation with religious leaders from around the world," Sheikh Abdullah said, noting that it established the foundations of an ethical alliance between the Abrahamic religions known as the "League of the Virtuous," with the participation of people who love giving and goodness.

He added that the call for a new alliance came from the strong belief that people have a lot in common and that ignoring these similarities has led to many wars and destruction and distanced humankind from the values promoted by the prophets, such as giving, compassion and mercy.

The league was formed last year in Abu Dhabi to create a strong reference for a new era, Sheikh Abdullah said, adding that theoretical principles must be implemented and demonstrated in a practical programme.

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