• Bassam Radi, Managing Editor

Abu Dhabi Announces Car Rules For National Day

UAE’s National Day is celebrated on a grand in the country. Every year, residents ensure to decorate their cars with patriotic decals and join parades to celebrate the National Day. People wave flags from their cars, play music and make the most of the day. But this year, thanks to a covid-19 pandemic, things are going to be slightly different. To ensure safety, celebrations are expected to be more softened, and Abu Dhabi Police issued a series of guidelines for the same.

For the motorists, you will be allowed to decorate the cars between November 25 and December 6. However, the decoration this time cannot be placed over the windows in a way that would prevent officers from seeing inside. You can use national phrases and UAE flags for décor while ensuring to not obstruct the view of the driver.

For people, not more than three people are allowed in one car. The driver and two passengers must wear face masks at all times and must be visible from outside the car. Police have also said that people should remain in their vehicles at all times and not stand through the sunroof or hang out of open windows. People in the car should remain seated with their seat belts fastened.

For passengers, one also need to make sure to not spray sill string or paint at people. People found driving recklessly or imperilling others will face a fine of AED 2,000, 12 traffic points and will have their car impounded for 30 days.

For the national day celebrations, public and private sector workers will get a three-day holiday from December 1 to 3.

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