• Lara Ahmad, Staff Reporter

Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee updates procedures for entering emirate

Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee updated its procedures for entering the emirate, to support the precautionary measures and detect coronavirus, COVID-19, cases at an earlier stage.

The update obliges residents and visitors to undergo additional tests in the emirate based on their period of stay.

According to the new procedures, all residents and visitors entering the emirate from Sunday, 8th November, 2020, must undergo a nasal swab (PCR) test on the fourth day of their stay. This test is mandatory for those who are staying in the emirate for four consecutive days or more.

Similarly, If their stay is for eight consecutive days or more, they are required to undergo an additional PCR test on the eighth day.

All those who entered the emirate before 8th November will follow the previous procedure that requires a PCR test on the sixth day after entry. Abu Dhabi’s residents and visitors will continue to enter the emirate upon showing a negative PCR test or laser-based DPI test within 48 hours after receiving their results.

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