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Abu Dhabi Judiciary launches 'Cash Deposit Project via Digital Notifications'

ABU DHABI -- The Under-Secretary of the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, ADJD, Counsellor Youssef Saeed Al-Abri, has launched the project of "Cash Deposit Using Digital Notices".

This digitised project would allow the automation of all processes related to cash deposits and the governance of the procedures related to them, by allowing the issuance of notices electronically, organising bank deposits and recording the amounts deposited in the case file speedily and accurately, which will, in turn, produce accurate data and statistics, and build a documented and more consistent database.

Al-Abri confirmed that the launch of the project is part of the efforts to support the digital transformation of the Judicial Department, under the directives of H.H. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Presidential Affairs, and Chairman of the ADJD, to expedite litigation procedures and take advantage of modern technologies to ensure ease of completing transactions.

He explained, that the project would enable users to issue notices electronically through the department web page. The project will do away with the previous paperwork, as well as eliminate the hassles related to banking deposit operations, and ensure the registration of the amounts deposited in the case file with high speed and accuracy, which contributes to reducing time and effort and makes it easier for the concerned employees and service users.

Al-Abri stated that the advantages of this vital project are multi-faceted as it mainly removes the obstacles that existed before the launch of the service. It allows depositing of amounts with their specific reference speedily and with ease to reach the number of the amounts deposited.

He noted the keenness to start the actual operation of the service after ensuring its full readiness and effectiveness, following the completion of the experimental stages, during which 72,000 digital notifications were sent, with 60 law firms being trained to receive and approve these notices in all transactions, especially due to the current exceptional circumstances, the work to reduce paper transactions and the shift towards digital services.

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