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Adele Accused Of Cultural Appropriation For Post With Jamaican Bikini And Bantu Knots

Adele has faced criticism after sharing an Instagram picture of herself celebrating what would have been Notting Hill Carnival.

In the shot, the singer posed in a bikini top bearing the Jamaican flag and a pair of gym leggings, and sported her hair in tight bantu knots.

She captioned the post: "Happy what would be Notting Hill Carnival my beloved London".

But after she shared the post on her feed, many were quick to call her out for her style choices, and accuse her of cultural appropriation.

Cultural appropriation is when people adopt elements of another culture or identity, and is deemed controversial and at times offensive when members of a dominant culture take on elements of a minority culture.

"No sis.... we love you but don't appropriate people's culture," one fan wrote under Adele's post.

Meanwhile, another agreed: "This hair is totally unnecessary. Stop appropriating Black culture. Bantu knots are not for you. Period."

A third wrote: "Unfollowing tonight. Please note that I'm from London. While it may appear cute to some, to show this type of appreciation, it's not.

"Many Black and Latina ladies have been denied/fired from jobs and young children sent home from school with hairstyles like this. This has happened in the UK, the US and other countries abroad. I'm not a fan."

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