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Al Ain Zoo offers special services for elderly visitors and People of Determination

AL AIN -- Al Ain Zoo is providing special and free services to People of Determination and elderly people that are designed according to the highest safety standards.

Omar Mohammed Al Ameri, Director Operations in Al Ain Zoo said, "Al Ain Zoo is always committed to providing special services and excellent support and convenience to all visitors, especially for elderly over the age of 70 to ensure that they have joyful experiences and memorable tours at the Zoo’s wonderful facilities. It is our top priority to provide a healthy and welcoming environment for all our guests and maintain the highest standards of safety at all times among our visitors of all different segments and ages."

He added, "The safety of our visitors is of the utmost importance to us. Thus, Al Ain Zoo provides free admission for People of Determination and elderly visitors as well as a complimentary ticket for Al Ain Safari - truck trip, which require a prior reservation. Most of our facilities are free of physical barriers and obstacles. Wheelchairs are available, and it can be arranged upon request at the Guest Happiness Office, as well as accessible parking spaces, which are close to the entrance of the zoo. Additionally, Al Ain Zoo is also dedicated to providing a wonderful experience that connects People of Determination to wildlife and conservation. Al Ain Zoo also provides sign language interpreters, which can be arranged upon visitors’ requests."

Al Ain Zoo continuously partners and collaborates with various institutions and organisations that are concerned with People of Determination through hosting events and activities, training for such people, providing them job opportunities that match their capabilities and qualifications, and supporting their social integration to fully interact with their peers. wam

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