• Lara Ahmad, Staff Reporter

Al Maktoum Cup Traditional Rowing Race rescheduled for Saturday due to weather conditions

DUBAI -- The 24th Al Maktoum Cup Traditional Rowing Race has been re-scheduled for Saturday due to inconvenient weather conditions, according to the organising committee of the event which was set for today in Jumeirah.

The big event is organised by Dubai International Marine Club under the marine sports season 2020-2021 with the participation of top 20 elite boats after being qualified as per the results of the first and second rounds of the Dubai Traditional Rowing Race Championship.

The top 20 boats competing for the title of the 24th Al Maktoum Cup Traditional Rowing -30ft are as follows: 1. Oman(44); 2. Asas (39); 3. Bahrain's Victorious(53); 4. Al Saroukh Team(7); 5.WAWAN Team(87); 6. KHK(54); 7. Gulfar 1(55); 8. Dubai Police GHQ(3); 9. Dubai(5); 10. Fujairah Police GHQ(77); 11. Thouban (10); 12. Al Zahab (66); 13. Mashhoor(16); 14. Wadi Al Siji (11); 15. Dubai1(51);16. Al Zahab 2(65); 17. Inad 2(14); 18. Muzahem (70); 19. Dubai Police GHQ(30); and 20. Al Barq (15).

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