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Bella Thorne Apologizes To OnlyFans Users After Backlash

Actress Bella Thorne recently found herself at the center of an OnlyFans controversy.

Thorne recently announced that she had joined an adult-oriented subscription service, OnlyFans. Within 24 hours, she earned $1 million and would earn $2 million in less than a week.

When Thorne joined the site, she promised to post nude photos for $200 but instead posted images of herself in lingerie. This led to a number of subscribers demanding their money back.

Due to the 22-year-old’s windfall, OnlyFans decided to enforce new guidelines for users.

The site has now limited the amount of money that creators can charge for their content.

The pay-per-view photo price limit has now been capped at $50 and the maximum amount a user can send as a tip is $100. And rather than get paid 7 days after making their money, creators will now have to wait a full 30 days.

This led to major backlash against Bella Thorne and, now, the actress is apologizing for her actions.

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