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Biden reportedly stepping up transition plans

Joe Biden's team is reportedly stepping up its plans for a transition to the presidency as he edges closer to victory.

The first senior officials in a new Democrat-led White House could be named next week, the New York Times reports.

Debates have been taking place in Washington and Wilmington, Delaware (where Biden's based) over who will fill the senior roles.

Biden could assemble the most diverse cabinet in US history, the paper reports.

“Men, women, gay, straight, center, across the board, Black, white, Asian,” Biden said when talking about his prospective cabinet earlier this year.

“It really matters that you look like the country, because everyone brings a slightly different perspective.”

The Democratic candidate is looking at his White House staff first, with cabinet posts not expected to be announced until the end of November, according to more than 12 sources who spoke to the Times. bbc


  • Joe Biden appears close to winning the presidency after securing more than 27,000 votes more than Donald Trump in Pennsylvania

  • Addressing supporters, Biden says: "The numbers tell us a clear story: We're going to win this race"

  • The Democrat also leads in Georgia, Nevada and Arizona - states could provide more paths to the presidency

  • President Trump warned Biden against declaring victory - a day after appearing to do so himself

  • Overall turnout is projected to be the highest in 120 years at 66.9%

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