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Bill Gates Sr., Father Of Microsoft Co-Founder, Dies At 94

Bill Gates Sr. Bobby Bank/WireImage/Getty Images

Bill Gates Sr., the father of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, has died. He was 94.

"We will miss him more than we can express right now," Gates wrote in a tribute to his father on his website. "My dad's wisdom, generosity, empathy, and humility had a huge influence on people around the world."

Gates Sr. was born on Nov. 30, 1925, in Bremerton, Wash., and attended the University of Washington. After serving in World War II, he returned home and became a lawyer. He would later help his son develop the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, where he served as co-chair.

"The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation would not be what it is today without my dad," Gates wrote. "More than anyone else, he shaped the values of the foundation."

In his tribute, Gates remembered his father's "quiet influence" on every aspect of his life, saying that his father's "unconditional" support was one of the reasons he felt comfortable leaving college to develop Microsoft with his business partner, Paul Allen. In Microsoft's early days, Gates wrote he would often seek his father's help with legal matters.

Gates also credited his father with influencing him in what he called his "most important roles — that of father and husband.

"When I am at my best, I know it is because of what I learned from my dad about respecting women, honoring individuality, and guiding children's choices with love and respect," he wrote.

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