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Clashes of Pro-Turkish Militants in Syria result in Civilian Casualties, Russian Military says

Moscow: Numerous clashes take place between the units of Pro-Turkish militants in Syria, resulting in civilian casualties, the head of the Russian center for Syrian reconciliations, Rear admiral. Alexander Shcherbitsky, said at a daily briefing.

Cpoyright: Nazeer Al-Khatib

"There are numerous clashes between various groups of militants, as a result of which civilians are killed. Such illegal actions lead to a large-scale social and economic crisis and endanger the lives and health of thousands of Syrian civilians", Shcherbitsky said.

He also noted that the militants of the Pro-Turkish groups plunder both the personal property of citizens, and the equipment for water and electricity supply, one such incident was on 15 of August in the city of Ras al-Ayn, where members of a Turkish back group stoke 500 meters of electrical cable along with a variety of materials needed to for repairing irrigation systems, all were stolen by the Turkish backed militants to sale and pocket the cash for themselves.

"We call on the Turkish side to take measures to ensure order in the territories occupied by the Turkish Armed Forces and to stop criminal activities of the armed formations under its control", Shcherbitsky added.

Turkey has on many occasions violated the ceasefire in Syria, with one of the latest being of them trying to kill the local Kurdish-Syrians official, in their attempt they killed the official's driver and one of the passengers was injured, this was according to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which are supported by the United States of America, France and other Western nations.

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