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Coronavirus: here's what you can and can't do in England from Monday

UK Prime Minister lays out the new restriction by banning social gatherings of more than six people will come into force in England on Monday as the government seeks to curb the rise in coronavirus cases.

The change in the law is being introduced after the number of daily positive COVID-19 cases in the UK rose to almost 3,000.

From Monday 14 September, any gathering of more than six people in England will be illegal, unless it meets one of a limited list of exemptions, this applies to gatherings both indoors and outdoors. The rules are applied to all ages. In addition to that social premises and venues, including pubs and restaurants, will be legally required to request test and trace information from customers and keep the details for 21 days, said Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

While, households or support bubbles of more than six people are exempt from the new rules

Gatherings of more than six people for work or education will also continue to be allowed. However, weddings and funerals are still allowed to have up to 30 people attending

Organised team sports carried out in a "COVID-secure way" can also have more than six people. Also places of worship are also unaffected by the rule change, with more than 30 people still allowed to gather.Theatres and sports venues could test all audience members and let in those with a negative result.

Anyone who breaks the rules on social gatherings will be fined £100, with the penalty doubling on each further repeat offence up to £3,200.

Border Force will also step up the enforcement of quarantine rules for travellers into the country, Johnson added.

The Police Federation has urged the government to "play its part", saying: "With so many changes in legislation, an effective public information campaign must be a priority as there's been so much confusion for the public and many people don't know exactly what the law says.

"We would urge the public to do the right thing and comply with the new rules, to help protect each other and prevent the further spread of this deadly virus."

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