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Coronavirus: Millions could be banned from socialising under new three-tier restrictions

sky news

UK--Leaders across the North criticise the government's plans and say ministers are treating the region as "second-class".

Millions of people could be banned from mixing inside and outside - and thousands of pubs might be forced to close under new coronavirus restrictions, according to sky news>.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is due to gather cabinet ministers for a phone call on Sunday evening, ahead of revealing a new three-tiered system of restrictions on Monday, with measures expected to force hospitality venues to shut across the north of England.

Under the proposed system, different parts of the country would be placed in different categories, with areas in the highest level expected to face the toughest measures.

The move could affect millions of people living in areas with high COVID-19 rates across England, and comes amid mounting concern over the growing number of coronavirus cases and the capacity of intensive care units at hospitals.

Leaders across northern England have criticised the government's plans which they say have been drawn up without consulting them from the outset. They have also not ruled out legal action.

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