• Murhaf Radi, Europe Editor

Covid-19: Infections in France, Germany and Spain on the rise again.

Germany has record its highest daily increase in coronavirus cases in more then three months

That is over 1,200 cases in the past 24 hours, officials said the rise was due, in part, to people retuning from holidays.

Meanwhile, France had 2,524 new cases in 24 hours, the highest daily rise since its lockdown was lifted in may.

'Critical moment for Spain'

Spain is facing the highest number of infections in western Europe, at a record of 1,418 new infections in its latest daily count on Tuesday, and said that 675 "active outbreaks" in the country.

Compulsory mask-wearing in Brussels

It has become compulsory to wear a mask in all public areas in brussels starting Wednesday due to a rise in cases.

Police checks are increasing to ensure that people abide by the new rules.

Greece records it highest daily rise

On Wednesday Greece reported 262 new cases of the coronavirus, its highest daily record since the start of the pandemic.

They also had increase on enforced restrictions on arrivals from several EU countries and Balkans nations


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