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Covid-19 patient arrested in Sharjah for violating COVID-19 quarantine rules

2,486 fines were also issued to people who violated COVID-19 measures

Sharjah: Sharjah Police arrested a COVID-19 patient for breaking the obligatory quarantine rules.

A corona virus infected patient violated the COVID-19 precautionary rules putting his life and other people's life in dangore, according to Sharjah Police.

Brigadier Dr Ahmad Saeed Al Naour, Director General of Central Operations at Sharjah police said in a police statement that coronavirus the patient has been put under quarantine and legal action has been initiated against him.

Brigadier Al Naour who is also Head of the Executive Committee of Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Management in Sharjah, added that : “ We arrested the man because he did not follow quarantine rules endangering others and also endangering the life of his family members. We have sent him back to quarantine and he will be strictly under monitoring."

As per law a fine of Dh50,000 is imposed on a person for failing to adhere to quarantine instructions.

“Safety of the society top our agenda and police will not allow anyone to endanger people's the lives,” he said.

He added that: "Sharjah Police caught 2,437 people from the period that extended from September 1 to 15 for violating COVID-19 guidelines. Those people committed 26 types of violations. most of them were fined for not wearing masks and adhering to the safety distances in closed public places including shopping malls and in public transport".

Brig Al Naour said that drivers who have more than three passengers in a car, were also fined. "Public must to cooperate with the authority to rein COVID-19 spread and people must inform alert police in case they found anyone violating the COVID-19 precautionary measures and rules."

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