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COVID-19: Ras Al Khaimah reduces capacity at hotels, parks, beaches and gyms

Ras Al Khaimah has introduced new tougher measures as part of efforts to curb the spread of the coronavirus in the Emirate.

During a remote meeting, the Emirate's emergency, crisis and disaster management team decided that operating capacities across various establishments are to be reduced; with entertainment venues, cinemas, fitness centres, gyms, pools and private beaches at hotels operating at a maximum capacity of 50 percent.

In addition, public beaches and parks should operate at 70 percent, while shopping malls at 60 percent.

‏The decision also limits the number of individuals allowed at family and social gatherings, such as weddings, to a maximum of 10 people, and a maximum of 20 people at funerals.

Restaurants and cafes are also required to maintain a 2-metre distance between tables, where no more than four people are allowed to sit together, unless they belong to the same family.

The team also reminded the public to keep a two-metre distance from others, and to adhere to set precautionary and preventive measures.

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