• Lara Ahmad, Staff Reporter

Dubai Introduces Saliva Test To Detect Covid-19 In Kids Under 16 Years

The Saliva Test Costs Dh 150 And The Test Is Delivered Within 24 Hours

Covid-19 tests often include RT-PCR, but Dubai health authority has now introduced a saliva test for children. This test is introduced only for children to avoid painful nasal swabs that will cost Dh 150.

The Saliva Test Is Introduced For Kids Aged Between 3 To 16

For the tests, the saliva test is introduced for kids aged between 3 and 16. The test involves spitting into a tube, which is then sealed and sent to the lab for testing. For the pricing, the saliva test costs Dh 150, which is the same as the widely used PCR Test. Like other covid tests, the results for this test is delivered within 24 hours. This one-of-a-kind test was introduced by the Dubai Health Authority approved after several months of trials. On this, Dr Farida Al Khaja, chief executive of DHA’s clinical support services and nursing division, said,

“For children, in particular, it is highly beneficial as it eliminates the discomfort associated with a nasal swab test, which means children will be at ease and find the test comfortable. This joint effort highlights how research-based data can help develop public health policies to provide the highest standards of medical care to the population.”

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