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Dubai Mounted Police deploy 2298 horse patrols in 2020

As many as 2,298 patrols were carried out by the Dubai Mounted Police last year.

Expert Brigadier Mohammad Al Adhb, director of Dubai Mounted Police Station, said: “Last year, the Station, performed security checks on 4,580 individuals and 11,562 vehicles, seized 209 wanted vehicles, issued 47 traffic fines, and fined 5146 violators of the COVID-19 precautionary measures.”

He explained that the Dubai Mounted Police Station has a variety of tasks, including providing security coverage for areas of jurisdiction, securing events, and building strong community relations.

Brig. Al Adhb further noted that Dubai Mounted Police participated in 30 different activities last year, including organizing and securing 14 sport competitions and endurance races. They also organised the therapeutic horse riding program for people of determination, in coordination with the Ministry of Community Development, the Community Development Authority in Dubai (CDA), the People of Determination Care and Rehabilitation Centre, and the Dubai Child Development Support Centre, where 184 male and female students joined the program. The unit also carried out horse riding training sessions for 194 male and female cadet officers of the Dubai Police Academy.

He noted that mounted police patrols have the advantage of entering narrow districts which police vehicles can’t reach, and they play a major role in educating the public about movement restrictions and safety measures.

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