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Dubai police arrest fake recruitment gang

Dubai Police arrested a fake recruitment gang who had scammed 150 job seekers.

“The gang would lure victims by posting fake job opportunities with attractive salaries, and then ask the victim for money for some alleged reasons such as recruitment fees, taxes or booking an interview appointment,” said Brigadier Jamal Salem al-Jalaf, Director of the General Department of Criminal Investigation (CID) at Dubai Police.

“The General Department of Criminal Investigations in Dubai Police monitors such gangs as well as fake advertisements through its specialized departments namely the Economic Crimes Control Department” Brig. al -Jalaf reaffirmed.

Colonel Salah Jumaa Bousaiba, Director of the Economic Crimes Control Department said, they received a tip-off on a fake recruitment agency located in Dubai and run by an Asian man.

“The suspects had published ads across social media platforms promising job seekers with tempting job opportunities and attractive salaries,” “They asked unwary applicants for a payment (AED1000 to AED3000) of a certain ‘fee’ to process the job application. In the end, the job-seeker would find out that no such position ever existed,” Col Bousaiba explained.

Captain Ahmad Suhail Al Samahi, Director of Anti-Fraud Department, explained that one of the victims was deceived into paying AED3000 in return for a bogus job vacancy, a work visa and change status fees.

Captain Al Samahi said they formed a raid team and coordinated with inspectors from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation to verify the information and make the arrest. “Our team arrested the suspects, and seized payment receipts and slips condemning the gang’s illegal activities,” he added.

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