• Bassam Radi, Managing Editor

Dubai Police arrests woman for offering unlicensed cosmetic treatments

In collaboration with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), Dubai Police arrested a European woman who performed plastic surgeries in her flat without obtaining a license from the necessary authorities.

According to Brigadier Jamal Salem Al Jallaf, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Dubai, the suspect wasn't licensed to carry out surgeries and relied on her own experience that she had obtained in her country.

"The suspect was promoting her services through social media platforms, she used her own Instagram account that is followed by more then 100,000 followers to book appointments for patients that she then received discreetly at her residential flat" Brig. Al Jallaf said.

He also warns all members of the public against falling victim to online scammers who provide unlicensed services that could pose serious harm to society, he also urged social media users to stay aware and ensure the validity and veracity of online advertisements on social media platforms, Brig. Al Jallaf also said,

"Community members should always seek medical services of authorized medical outlets and professionals licensed by the competent local authorities,"

Colonel Omar Mohammad bin Hammad, Deputy Director of Anti-Economic Crimes Department said that they had been monitoring the suspect through social media platforms as she was offering unlicensed cosmetic treatments, "A joint team from both the Commercial Fraud and Anti-Hacking Section at Dubai Police and DHA managed to arrest the suspect who was ambushed by an undercover female officer," Col. Bin Hammad explained.

Col. Bin Hammad clarified that the female police officer had contacted the suspect and explained her desire to carry out a cosmetic injection. "As the Suspect started getting things ready for the treatment, the police unit raided the flat and arrested her red-handed," Col. Bin Hammad said.

"The Police confiscated medical substance and equipment used in cosmetic surgeries, as well as bills proving the purchase of substance and materials used in cosmetic treatments such as Botox, fillers, and more," Col. Bin Hammad concluded.

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