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Dubai Police, Dubai Gold & Jewellery Group introduce Smart Inquiry Project in Gold Souq

Dubai Police General Command, in cooperation with Dubai Gold & Jewellery Group, has recently launched a smart service in Dubai Gold Souk's entrance with which customers and tourists, by scanning a QR code, will have access to all necessary information and services provided by the market, as well as enabling them to have a list of contact numbers of the concerned authorities at Dubai Police when making complaints or filing reports.

Major General Abdullah Ali Al Ghaithi, Director of the General Department of Organisations Protective Security and Emergency, indicated that the launching of the Smart Inquiry Project in the Gold Souk comes in line with government guidelines and the global developments in the field of technology and usage of smart technologies in providing services. It also comes out of the Dubai Police’s keenness to achieve e-transformation and utilizes smart systems to support work processes in the security field, in cooperation with external partners, to make Dubai the safest and most secured city through providing innovative smart services.

“The Smart Inquiry project has been made as a part of optimal and effective utilization of smart systems in providing services to Gold Souk visitors, as well as to promote the Dubai Gold Souk as one of the most important tourist attractions in the emirate”, Maj. Gen. Al Ghaithi continued.

"The QR Code-based Smart Inquiry Project will serve as a guide for customers and tourists of the Dubai Gold Souk. It will assist them to explore and walk around the market by providing details on the shops and their products and how to find them. The Service will also serve as a communication channel between customers and Dubai Police to foster a sense of safety and security among Dubai visitors," Maj. Gen. Al Ghaithi added.

The Chairman of the Dubai Gold & Jewellery Group (DGJG), Mr. Tawhid Abdullah said that Dubai Police is a strategic partner for Dubai Gold & Jewellery Group when launching initiatives and projects in Dubai Gold Souk that provide our customers with the best and smart services.

Major Ahmed Khalifa Al-Mazina, Head of the Commercial Markets Section at the General Department of Organisations Protective Security and Emergency, said that the “Smart Inquiry” project is available in a form of a gold bar in the middle of the Souk and at its three entrances. “This project is considered the first of its kind in the region in terms of design, innovation, and availability of valuable information that every visitor and tourist needs to know in the Souk area”. Al-Mazina added.

He also explained that customers and tourists can scan the QR once they enter the Gold Souk to get all details needed about shops and the contact numbers they may need in case of emergencies.

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