• Bassma Al Jandaly, Editor In Chief

Dubai police find severed hand on street following teenagers gang fight

Police arrested the young men involved in the fight within an hour.

Dubai Police have arrested eight teenagers for a street fight after recovering a severed hand from Mirdiff.

The teenagers were part of two gangs in Mirdif who were caught fighting using knives and swords.

According to a senior police official , one of the teenagers lost his hand in the fight between two groups in Mirdif area at midnight, using knives and swords.

Brigadier-General Jamal Salim Al Jalaf, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department at the Dubai Police, said that they received a call at the operations room, reporting a street fight between two groups of teenagers.

The police rushed to the crime scene with an ambulance but by the time they reached there, the teenagers had fled the place. However, a severed hand was recovered from the street where the fight took place. Within minutes, the police managed to trace the teenager who lost his hand and shifted him to hospital.

Brig Gen Al Jalaf added that the search teams arrested the young men involved in the fight within an hour. The police also recovered some white weapons used in the fight from the cars of some of the teenagers.

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