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Dubai Police fulfill Child of Determination Dream of being a Police Officer

Dubai Police have fulfilled the wish of a 9-year-old child of determination by helping him experience being a police officer for one day and giving him a ride in one of Dubai Police’s luxury police patrols.

This kind gesture came as a part of Dubai Police endeavors to spread happiness and positivity among various segments of society.

Saud Muhammad Al-Awadi’s mother had sent a message via 'Dubai Police Leaders at Your Service' available on Dubai Police smart App, and expressed her child's desire to live the experience of a policeman in Dubai, and ride in one of Dubai Police’ supercars.

Dubai Police’s CSR Department at the General Department of Community Happiness, in collaboration with Tourism Police Department at the General Department of Criminal Investigations, responded to the mother’s request and paid the boy a visit, gifted him a police uniform and gave him a ride in a luxury police patrol across the La Mer area.

Saud’s mother said her child has always admired the Dubai Police and the police officer character. She expressed her gratitude to the police for their swift and generous response, and for they have fulfilled her child’s wish.

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