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Dubai Police impound 27 Vehicles for violating Traffic Laws

Violations included illegally Modifying Vehicles and Concealing Plate Numbers

In a traffic crackdown on Al Qudra Street in Dubai, the Al Barsha Police Station has recently confiscated 27 vehicles for violating traffic laws such as driving without a license, concealing plate numbers, heavily modifying cars with power boosters to increase the engine speed, causing a nuisance, and endangering their lives and the lives of other road users.

According to Brigadier Abdul Rahim bin Shafia, Director of Al Barsha Police Station, the traffic campaign is aimed at ensuring road security, reduce the number of traffic injuries and related deaths, as well as protecting properties and holding violators accountable for their reckless actions.

Brig. bin Shafia said they carried out the campaign in coordination and collaboration with the General Department of Criminal Investigations (CID), Al Hebab Police Station and Al Faqaa Police Station.

Brig. bin Shafia explained that it is very likely that drivers lose control when driving heavily modified cars, especially if engine modifications were made in a way that does not match the type of vehicle or roads. He also indicated that modified vehicle accidents could be deadly and result in the deaths of innocent people and other road users. He also reminded that engine modifications or changes to a vehicle’s base or chassis without authorisation are subject to a Dh1,000 fine and 12 black points. In addition, the vehicle will also be impounded for 30 days. “These penalties may be intensified depending on the case," Brig. bin Shafia confirmed.

"These penalties are necessary because it takes only one driver to kill many or cause severe damage to other vehicles and the infrastructure," "Modified cars give a false sense of control to the driver so they think their vehicle has enough power and speed to dangerously overtake others and to perform risky manoeuvres," he continued.

Brig. bin Shafia pointed out that Dubai Police has launched many safety awareness campaigns to raise awareness among the community on heavily modified vehicles, especially among the youth, confirming that additional accessories do not fit properly to many vehicles. “It is difficult to imagine a car with a max speed of 200km/h is travelling at a speed of 400km/h,” “Such modifications are bound to cause serious and deadly accidents,” he said.

Bin Shafia stressed that road safety is everyone's responsibility. “Together, we must unify efforts and maintain the safety and security of our roads” he urged.

The director of Al Barsha Police Station also warned motorists against covering or concealing the plate number, stressing that violators will be fined Dhs400 as per the federal traffic law.

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