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Dubai Police working tirelessly to ensure Safety and Security during the Pandemic

Dubai- Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, praised the efforts exerted by Dubai police stations in all fields and their continued work with high efficiency and effectiveness towards enhancing the security and safety of the emirate during the unprecedented pandemic.

Lt. Gen. Al Marri also praised the efforts of the Board of Directors of Police Stations in Dubai, who works around the clock despite the exceptional circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic, noting that enhancing community safety is at the forefront of the force’s priorities.

These remarks were made by the Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police as he chaired the Board’s periodic meeting in presence of Brigadier Yousef Abdullah Al Adidi, Director of Al Qusais Police Station and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Police Stations; and a number of senior officers.

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