• Lara Ahmad, Staff Reporter

Emirates Post Group issues commemorative Wahat Al Karama stamps to mark Commemoration Day

ABU DHABI -- In honour of Martyr’s Day, Emirates Post Group issues commemorative Wahat Al Karama stamps. The design of the Wahat Al Karama commemorative stamps features the Martyr’s monument in the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi, and has been created to remember and recognise the nation’s honorable heroes for their sacrifices as well as the loyalty and dedication of our community in the UAE.

Abdulla M. Alashram, Group CEO of Emirates Post Group, stated: "Wahat Al Karama is a tribute to our brave heroes, the devotion of the UAE people and the nation’s core values. It reflects the unity between our leaders and the people, and the common aim of building a stronger future for next generations, as the UAE flag flies high. On the occasion of Commemoration Day (Martyr’s Day), we are proud to issue a set of commemorative stamps for Wahat Al Karama, honoring our heroes."

On the first day, 100,000 stamps were issued in four different designs, in addition to 4,000 Souvenir Sheets; 1,000 First Day Covers and 500 First Day Cover Souvenir Sheets. They are available for purchase on the Emirates Post Web Shop or from any of Emirates Post’s customer offices across the country.

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