• Bassma Al Jandaly, Editor In Chief

Facebook stops French man streaming his dying days

Alain Cocq rests in his apartment in Dijon, in northeastern France

Paris -- Facebook has prevented a French man with an incurable illness from streaming his own death on the social media site, according to a statemen issued by Facebookt.

Alain Cocq, 57, from Dijon in eastern France, has a rare incurable medical condition that causes his arteries to stick together.

He estimates he will only have days to live after stopping all medication, food and drink, which he planned to do on Friday evening.

Cocq had intended to broadcast his dying days on the platform, to raise awareness about France's laws on assisted dying.

In a statement Saturday Facebook said the live stream was prevented to avoid promoting self-harm.

"Our hearts go out to Alain Cocq for what he's going through in this sad situation and everyone who is personally affected by it," the company said in the statement.

"While we respect Alain's decision to draw attention to this important issue, we are preventing live broadcasts on his account based on the advice of experts that the depiction of suicide attempts could be triggering and promote more self-harm."

Cocq previously lobbied President Emmanuel Macron to allow him to die by "active medical assistance" but was unsuccessful.

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