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French national's nude photoshoot lands her in trouble in India

Scene of the crime? The Lakshman Jhula bridge is revered by Hindu pilgrims. © Murali Krishnan

A French tourist arrested for shooting in the nude in a holy Indian city will face charges and could be imprisoned if found guilty.

A 27-year-old French tourist who has been staying in the northern Indian city of Rishikesh since March was arrested before being released on bail for taking a video of herself naked on a footbridge last week.

Indian media published that the woman told police the intention of her photo and video shoot was only to promote her bead-necklace venture.

The tourist said that she was unaware that nudity is illegal in India and also that her bonafides was vouchsafed, bail was granted. Her social media profile suggested she had been in Rishikesh for her business and to practice yoga.

Lakshman Jhula is an iron suspension bridge over the holy river Ganga in the holy northern city of Rishikesh. This famous landmark connects two districts and also offers a panoramic view of the river which is dotted with a number of temples.

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