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GDRFA shortens the traveler’s journey with the eye and face recognition

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai (GDRFA) has officially launched the “Smart Traveler Journey” project, which shortens the traveler’s journey to 5 seconds, using both eye and face recognition , through smooth procedures, and the service has been activated on all the smart gates at Dubai airports, which 122 gates in Entry and departure.

This came during a tour organized by GDRFA for media representatives at Dubai International Airport, Terminal 3, to experience the smart traveler’s journey in all its stages, which starts from the moment of obtaining the boarding pass and pre-registration and then passing through the smart gates in the departure hall, as part of a service that prepares The world’s most advanced using artificial intelligence tools to facilitate and accelerate traffic operations through the immigration area at Dubai airports and create a seamless travel experience.

Major General Muhammad Al Merri, Director General of GDRFA in Dubai, said in press statements during the tour that the residency is proactive in relying on innovation in its services and smart projects, and enhancing its leadership role at the local and global level to improve the level of services that make the customer experience smooth and fast. And in line with the vision of the wise leadership to make Dubai a fully smart city.

Al Merri stressed that the GDRFA is part of its proactive work in developing its services has used vital systems and artificial intelligence techniques to provide a smart travel experience using the face print in some of its services, and this service comes in the smart gates as part of a project that has been studied and tried in advance on the ground and achieved thanks to the efforts and endeavors. The work team that worked on this project with all sincerity and dedication until it reached what it is today.

Brigadier Talal Al Shanqeeti, Assistant Director General for Air Ports Affairs at the GDRFA, said that the 122 smart gates in the departure and arrival halls of Dubai airports have been developed, and their systems have been modernized, so that passengers previously registered in the system can pass through them through my fingerprint. And the face without the need to use travel documents by looking at the screen at the green point in the gate to be recognized by a fingerprint in a period not exceeding 5 seconds.

He pointed out that the traveler’s journey has been reduced to only 5 seconds, stressing that the Dubai residence is a forerunner in implementing these quality services, and stated that the smart service enhances preventive measures and measures to counter the transmission of infection with Corona, as the traveler does not need to use a bed during his trip, until reaching The Plane.

Al Shanqeeti emphasized that the error rate during the use of the new service is zero, as data for all arrivals to the country are recorded upon their arrival, in addition to taking face and eye fingerprints.

The launch of this service confirms the efforts made by Dubai’s establishment in developing its smart services, which are in line with the government’s rational orientations aimed at enhancing the role of technology in raising the level of well-being and achieving quality of life in the United Arab Emirates.

For his part, Executive Vice President of Dubai Airports Corporation, Jamal Al Hai, said, “During the emerging” Corona “virus pandemic, Dubai Airports worked to find solutions and innovations for the future expectations of the number of passengers, as it is a global destination that attracts large numbers of travelers annually.”

He pointed out that about two million passengers are expected to travel through Dubai airports during the month of February, expecting that the coming period will witness an increase in the number of travelers with the summer period and global success in reducing the repercussions of (Covid 19).

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