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Hospital in UAE to pay Dh1.5m to patient for negligence

A hospital in Abu Dhabi has been ordered to pay Dh1.5 million to a patient who was left paralysed and sexually dysfunctional after an operation.

Court records show that the man visited the facility because he was then suffering from back pain. Upon examination, he was told that he needed a surgery.

Medics then carried out the operation, removing parts of the patient's vertebra, which they said were damaged. A couple of days after the surgery, the patient had to go to the hospital four times in a row as he was experiencing severe pain.

"But I wasn't given enough attention," the complainant said. He was re-admitted and had undergone other procedures, but when he was discharged, he had to use a wheelchair as he couldn't stand or walk.

The patient sued the hospital for medical negligence. A report by a medical committee appointed by the authorities stated that the operation had badly affected the lower part of the man's body. He could no longer control his urine and excretions and became sexually dysfunctional. It also confirmed that there had been negligence on the part of the doctor who treated him.

Both the Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance and appellate court found the hospital guilty of negligence, ordering the facility to pay the man Dh1.5 million in compensation.

The hospital then challenged the verdict at Abu Dhabi's top court, which rejected its appeal and upheld the earlier rulings.

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