• Bassma Al Jandaly, Editor In Chief

How to Have a Successful Career and an accomplishing Personal Life

Who are the successful people and what are their abilities and capabilities that make them reach the top, what did these people do to succeed and become brilliant, rich and have what others cannot have in life.

To be a successful person who is able to achieve your practical goals and aspirations and to be distinguished from those around you is not easy, but it is not difficult either, it only needs some visions and skills, and with continuous training and perseverance, you will obtain these skills and succeed as others succeeded.

The successful does not waste time thinking about the past and what happened in the past. In the contrary the successful people learn from the mistakes of the past because it is things that happened and will remain in the past, so the successful seeks success in the future and forgets the past.

A successful person does not repeat his mistakes, but learns from his mistakes and gains experience from them and therefore does not repeat them, and the successful person bears responsibility for his or her mistakes and this is what distinguishes them from others.

A successful person is neither envious nor jealous, because he knows that other people's successes will benefit him personally and will benefit society as well.

The successful person is patient and knows that the journey of success is long and full of difficulties, but the successful faces these issues with patience and deliberation, as he knows that no matter how long the road is, he or she will be able to reach success.

A successful person does not care about people's opinions, especially negative ones, as he oe she knows that satisfying people is an unrealized goal and that one must strive for success without allowing others' criticism to hinder him or her.

A successful person is always positive and optimistic and avoids anxiety and stress.

A successful person has an entrepreneurial spirit, leadership in work, passion and always searching for development, and inventing ideas to develop the work.

The successful person is proficient in the skill of communication and communicating with others visually and also has the ability to listen well to others and can talk with and to a large number of people without losing control of his feelings and way of thinking, and he or she can get the attraction of others because he or she knows that communication skills are important and You cannot be a successful person without being good at it.

Mastering the art of communication enables us to listen to others, and thus we can know what they mean and what they want and at the same time we can transfer our thoughts to others.

One of the most important components of success is confidence in oneself and in making decisions, and being decisive and not hesitant. Decisive decisions are evidence that they are correct and consciously made, which makes others able to deal with them seriously.

The successful one works to hold oneself accountable for mistakes that occur at the level of work, and the successful is able to bear his mistakes, admit them, and admit mistakes, increase experiences and contribute to avoiding those mistakes in the future.

A successful person has skill in time management because time management is the boundary between success and failure, so doing the various required actions during the required time are the qualities of a successful person.

And it is important in order to be successful that we choose the work that is compatible with our preferences, skills and nature because a person will not succeed if he or she works in a profession that contradicts his tendencies, for example, no one will succeed in the medical profession or as a doctor if they have fear from seeing blood or wounds, and whoever works in the aviation field will not succeed if they are afraid of heights and a journalist will not succeed if he or she does not have a bold, knowledgeable personality and a great sense of news.

The secrets of success at work is maintaining a good relationship with others such as co-workers and bosses at work, respecting the law, and adhering to work times.

The successful is always meticulous at work and always sets priorities and goals in life, and works to achieve them.

The successful reads and learns continuously, and participates in social, scientific and other social activities to gain knowledge and experience.

Every person has faults that limit success, so how can we get rid of them:

Admit your flaws, write your deficiencies on a paper, and after you know your flaws, try to get over your flaws and keep in mind that you are a strong, successful and optimistic personality.

Be strong and strong willpower because will is the hidden force of the human being and it is what will help you to develop yourself and know that failure remains in the past and you are now in the present and the future.

Journalist Bassma Al Jandaly

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