• Bassam Radi, Managing Editor

India's PM Modi sends a clear message during India's independence day

"Those who challenge India's sovereignty, be it line of control or line of actual control, have been given a befitting reply in their own language, what India can do, the world has seen it in Ladakh"

India's Prime Minister said, as he was addressing the nations 74th Independence Day.

The PM did not name any country, however his reference to line of control and line of actual control was an obvious hint that he was referring to Pakistan and China.

He also praised the military for its sacrifice and bravery in their duty of keeping the nation's borders safe.

On June 15-16 India lost 20 soldiers in a skirmish with the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) in the Galwan valley, the Chines used primitive implements to attack Indian solders and so far have no revealed their casualty figures.

Modi had promised to build-up India's Defense capabilities, he said "India is just as committed to its security and strengthening its army as the attempts it has made for peace and harmony,"

He also said that he had proposed an economic package of Rs20 lakh crore ($307 billion) to make India "self-reliant" in the post-covid world. This week India's government declared a resolve to have more defense equipment manufactured in India.

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