• Bassam Radi, Managing Editor

Joe Biden says 'inshalla' when trump promises to show his tax returns

As President Trump vowed to release his still-private tax returns, Joe Biden shot back at his opponent with a particularly sarcastic jab.

“Millions of dollars and you’ll get to see it,” Trump said of the amount he claims to have paid.

“When?” the Democratic presidential nominee interjected. “Inshallah?”

It can be heard on the 0:14 second mark in the video provided by The Telegraph

When used in formal Arabic, including in media interviews or news conferences by politicians in the Arab world, he said, inshallah serves as an expression of hope for a desired outcome. Yet in informal conversation, inshallah can also be used sarcastically to mean that the hope or statement is too good to be true.

American Muslims and others praised Biden on social media, pointing out that the vice president used it in its widely known sarcastic meaning as a way for someone to not fully commit to something they may be hesitant to do. 

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