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kidnapped woman saved herself using Facebook

The Dubai Criminal Court has sentenced seven gang members to seven years inn prison followed by deportation.

The seven defendants were accused of human trafficking after they were discovered to have "sold" a women that was forced to work as a prostitute, according to court documents.

How this happened was when three of the defendants deceived an Asian man, his wife and another woman who was working as a maid, which was then absconded from her sponsor.

The three defendants deceived their victims by claiming that they would organize for the absconding maid to work for a family, however the maid ended up being sold to a gang that forced her to work as a prostitute.

During the interview it was uncovered that the first suspect handed over the maid to the buyer in exchange for 3,000 AED, and after her delivery the gang detained her for several days, the maid further contributed to the investigation.

How the maid escaped was when she gained access to Facebook and was able to communicate with her sister, who later informed the police after she was given the description of the place and apartment she was held in.

seven of the defendants in the case were referred to the Criminal Court, which sentenced each of them to seven years imprisonment followed by deportation.

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