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Luring gang arrested, one died attempting to escape, another injured

An Asian fell victim to a lure organized by a gang using seductive massage advertisements to which the victim inquired more about, what he was expecting was a fascinating experience however instead, he was assaulted, robbed and forced to have his photo taken while he was naked.

After the incident took place, he just so happen to stumble upon the same advertisement for the same by coincidence, he wasted no time and rushed to inform Dubai Police, they immediately made their way to the place of the gang, and successfully arrested five members, and rescued a European person who was receiving the same treatment as the Asian victim.

The European was held in the bathroom of the hotel apartment, and one of the women participating in the criminals died while attempted to escape, and another was injured both while trying to flee from the balcony of the apartment.

According to the investigations by Dubai Public Prosecution, the five members are suspects and sent to criminal court.

A Dubai Police witness said they were just in time to save the European victim.

How the raid took place according to Dubai Police

The Asian victim reported the existence of the gang in Al Barsha, and how they lured him, violated him robbed and blackmailed him using his nude photographs that they took of him by force.

The police got on the move and once they arrived at the gang's location, a hotel apartment, they asked the Asian victim to lead them to the apartment, of course with the policemen as security, they reached the apartment and knocked on the door, a person with African features answered the door and shouted at them, after which the policemen intervened and managed to control the accused despite his resistance, they requested back up once they found out that there were other suspects attempting to escape.

One of the suspects, a female fell from the balcony to her death while trying to escape, another suspect fell and survived but suffered a double fracture, the police searched the apartment and found a European victim held in the bathroom of the apartment.

The ones that were able to escape the police and hid in the another balcony however was discovered because the double fracture was to much pain to bare, so he did what's best and shouted for help.

The European victim who was rescued told the police that he saw a massage advertisement on a social networking site, and it depicted a white-skinned woman, he contacted her by

phone and they gave him the address.

When he arrived he was surprised by an African woman, along with the rest of the accused whom appeared out of no where and assaulted him, stealing his phone and 1,800 AED.

The accused denied the charges of theft and the next hearing was scheduled for September 24.

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