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Ministry of State for FNC Affairs, FNC General Secretariat discuss plans to improve coordination

ABU DHABI -- The Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs, MFNCA, and the General Secretariat of the Federal National Council, FNC, held their fourth remote periodic coordination meeting for this year.

The meeting saw the two entities discuss plans and tactics to enhance coordination and monitoring procedures, promote further integration of roles, and continue to achieve the aspirations of the UAE’s leadership to channel all resources and capabilities towards serving the citizens.

Participants at the meeting discussed the decisions made at the second and third coordination meetings, before going over the preparations underway for the 2nd Term of Ordinary Sessions for the 17th Legislative Chapter, as well as the scheduling of sessions and the topics and draft laws to be discussed. They also discussed coordination procedures, followed up on various FNC-related issues, and set plans to hold timely sessions and coordinate the attendance of Ministers at the FNC sessions.

MFNCA Under-Secretary, Tariq Hilal Lootah, attended the meeting, along with Dr Omar Abdulrahman Salim Alnuaimi, Secretary-General of the FNC; Dr Saeed Muhammad Alghufli, the MFNCA’s Assistant Under-Secretary for FNC Affairs; and Karem Abdullatif, Principal Legal Advisor to the FNC, in addition to heads of departments and staff members from both entities.

"The 1st Term of Ordinary Sessions for the 17th Legislative Chapter witnessed many achievements despite the exceptional circumstances the world is facing," Lootah said.

"Our commitment to discussing the issues that most concern citizens is evidence of our ability to face challenges with innovative solutions," he stated.

He stressed that more work will be done during the second ordinary session to enhance coordination and monitoring processes and maintain performance at the highest standards. This is in line with the UAE leadership’s aspirations for the parliamentary sector, which has become a pillar of the development taking place across the UAE.

Dr. Alnuaimi asserted that the General Secretariat of the Federal National Council has made all arrangements that allow it to provide support to the Council’s departments ahead of the 2nd Term of Ordinary Sessions for the 17th Legislative Chapter. This is in keeping with the strategy to ensure outstanding parliamentary performance across the FNC’s legislative, oversight, and parliamentary diplomacy powers. The strategy also seeks to enhance the Council’s contribution to the UAE’s efforts to enhance integration and promote collaboration on identifying prominent future trends, as well as developing a plan to prepare for the next 50 years.

He expressed his appreciation for the efforts made by the Ministry of State for FNC Affairs, in addition to federal and local institutions, public benefit groups, and all concerned parties. wam

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