• Bassma Al Jandaly, Editor In Chief

Mother throws her one-day-old baby into the bush from a bridge.

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

  • The woman deserted her son while walking to her mother's home in China

  • She claimed she had tossed him off the bridge due to her financial situation

  • The boy had lain in the shrubs for 17 hours before being found by a villager

  • He is in stable condition after treatment, and his mother has been detained

The baby was discovered at around 1:30pm on Monday by a resident of the Hong Family Village outside the prefecture-level city of Dehui in Jilin Province.

Ms Qu, who came across the boy, said she saw ants and flies surrounded the child, who had 'many insect bites' on his face.

'The child's neck was full of ants,'

The mother has been detained in north-eastern China for abandoning her newborn baby in the bush, she decided to desert her son because she couldn't afford to raise him, local media reported.

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