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Abu Dhabi -- Authorities in Abu Dhabi have announced road closures and traffic diversions for the demolition of Mina Plaza Towers.

The abandoned tower block will be brought down on Friday, November 27 to make way for a major redevelopment project.

Roads around the Mina Zayed area will be affected by the closures that will be implemented in two phases from Thursday, November 26.

Mina Street (from the intersection with Al Zahia Street), Corniche Street (from the intersection with Al Zahia Street) and all roads and entrances on Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Road that lead to the port area will close from 10:00 pm on Thursday as part of the first phase.

The second phase will come into effect at 6:00 am on Friday, November 27, affecting the Sheikh Zayed Tunnel (both directions), Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Street leading to Sheikh Khalifa Bridge, and Hamdan bin Mohammed Street (the stretch from Al Maryah Island towards the port), while on Corniche Street, vehicles will be diverted to the upper intersections of Sheikh Zayed Road.

The road closures will remain in place until the demolition work ends on Friday, while some of the public bus services in the area will also be affected.

Authorities previously announced shops in the area will temporarily close from 7:00 pm on Thursday, November 26 until 4:00 pm the next day.

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