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Saad Hariri named new Lebanese prime minister

After his designation to form the new government, and upon leaving the Presidential Palace, Lebanese Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri vowed to stop the collapse that threatens Lebanese economy.

The General Directorate of the Presidency of the Republic of Lebanon, announced in a statement, read by Director General Antoine Choucair, that "President Michel Aoun, having conducted the binding parliamentary consultations and consulted with Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri to inform him of their official results, has summoned PM Saad Hariri to assign him to form a new government."

Following his designation, Hariri made the following statement, according to Lebanon's National News Agency: "The President of the Republic informed me, in the presence of the Parliament Speaker, of the result of the binding parliamentary consultations that led to my designation to form the new government.

"I thank my fellow MPs, especially those who honored me by designating me to form a government of non-partisan specialists, whose mission is to implement the economic, financial and administrative reforms mentioned in the French initiative paper. The main parliamentary blocs committed to support the government in implementing this paper.

"I tell the Lebanese who are suffering from difficulties to the point of despair, that I am determined to abide by my promise to them, to work to stop the collapse that threatens our economy, our society and our security, and to rebuild what was destroyed by the terrible port explosion in Beirut. I will focus first on rapidly forming a government, because time is running and this is the last and only opportunity for our beloved country."

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