• Lara Ahmad, Staff Reporter

Sharjah Police announces 49% decrease in rate of traffic accidents

SHARJAH -- The Traffic Statistics Branch of the Traffic and Patrols Department of the Sharjah Police General Command reveals a 49 percent decrease in the rate of traffic accidents during the past 10 months, compared to the same period last year.

Commenting on this, Lt. Col. Mohammed Alai Al Naqbi, Director of Traffic and Patrol Department of Sharjah Police, stressed that the number of accidents during the first ten months of the year 2020 reached 271 accidents with injuries, compared to the same period last year which reported 532 accidents.

He has further emphasised that the decline in the rate of traffic accidents is due to the results achieved by the Ministry of Interior's strategy to make roads safer, through adopting various initiatives, awareness campaigns and programmes, contributing positively to raising awareness among the public. He has also lauded the significant efforts and remarkable role of Sharjah Police in achieving this result, in line with the vision of the Ministry of Interior.

Concluding his statement, he called on community members to further cooperate with the police personnel, by adhering to all controls, procedures and measures.

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