• Bassma Al Jandaly, Editor In Chief

Sheikh Zayed Festival exhibits are favourite to women of all nationalities

Sheikh Zayed Festival’s many exhibitors look to offer products for the whole family, and women in particular. The Gulf and Arab pavilion shops bring thousands of products that appeal to women of many diverse backgrounds at the festival. These items come from many different backgrounds, traditions and civilisations.

Each festival pavilion features no shortage of clothes, accessories, perfumes and women's bags, each characteristic of their country of origin. Women of various different nationalities and backgrounds come for these Gulf abayas that are famous for all across the region. A diversity of styles features traditional and modern sewing methods and designs that appeal to modern, western and international sensibilities. Customised accessories are also available, specific to each craftsman’s cultural heritage.

Female visitors start their shopping journeys at Al Wathba Market, its Emirati products embodying the nation’s identity and culture, with aged Arab perfumes and incense mixed with musk, oud and amber. These fine perfumes reflect the sophistication and fine taste of Emirati women.

Many distinctive new perfume blends can be found across the festival alongside old favourites, a place where antique Arab perfumes mix with modern French scents and others. These perfumes are for every occasion, weddings especially.

Women can learn all about the many formal and casual abayas and gowns worn through the Arab Gulf, Egyptian abayas with pharaonic inscriptions, Syrian and Jordanian abayas embroidered with Bedouin inscriptions, and traditional Moroccan abayas. Traditional Arab attires are also available, drawing from the many diverse environments, cultures, customs and traditions of each country.

These traditional outfits would not be complete without the elegant accessories available at each festival pavilion at the festival, these handicrafts each bearing unique engravings and inscriptions. The pavilion shops are packed with a large variety of women's accessories and silver bracelets, earrings and chains, in addition to makeup and beauty products and elegant modern women's bags.

Each festival pavilion is rich with the authentic history and culture of its respective country, with traditional products and handicrafts that visitors bring back home to decorate and enrich their homes and offices.

The culinary traditions of each Gulf, Arab, Asian and International country are on full display at each pavilion. Visitors can enjoy popular dishes from each of these countries. With all this and more, the festival is sure to meet and exceed the expectations of our diverse female visitors.

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